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The main purpose of Latin History 365 is to close the diaspora gaps by clarifying misconceptions and refuting stereotypes about the connectivity that exists between Black History and Latin History. Both have always been a part of American History. 

The Latin History 365 textbook chronicles the history of 25 Latin American countries including the enslavement of Indigenous and African peoples in each country.

There are over 500 QR codes and seven curriculum elements embedded in the text that support students with cementing comprehension and deepening content command.  

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BH365 CEO Dr. Walter Milton


Latin History & Black History

There is a great deal of connectivity that exists between Black History and Latin History.  Black and Latin History has always been a part of American History.  The Transatlantic Slave/Transcontinental Trade scattered millions, (while many millions died on the way) of Africans to the shores of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the USA.  There are many cultural similarities, deep struggles, triumph, oppression, strength, creativity, divide and conquer, enslavement, revolution, and liberation.  

Lastly, there has always been a relentless commitment to humanitarianism in these two cultures.  Although BH365 is a Black Owned and Founded Company, we are responsible for impacting the world in a meaningful way.  We are excited to put forth information that is relevant and necessary.  We are extremely proud of the work we have set forth thus far.

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BH365 Latin History 365 is an interactive history textbook that may be used independently or as supplemental text and includes instructor resources such as:

  • Curriculum planning guides
  • Instructional tools
  • Family and community engagement and restorative/wellness activities
  • Audio/visual supplements
  • Electronic assessments

All students benefit from learning about other cultures. It is important for all learners to understand and acknowledge the contributions of people from varied cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds in order to fully appreciate all of humanity. There is no dominant race, but individuals of shared ethnicities offer traits and talents that benefit society at large. History is a rich, engaging subject that should be inclusive of all.

Students and teachers alike need the information that is throughout the entire book.  The curriculum is designed to appeal to the intellectual acuity of all students and educators.  The textbook/curricula will assist students and teachers in becoming analytical and critical thinkers on a very high level.  Also, it will challenge and clarify stereotypes and misconceptions as it pertains to the Latin world.

"For students who are often challenged with achievement gaps resulting from inequities laden within the education system, this curriculum provides research-based strategies that demonstrate the power of providing positive images and narratives of men and women of color who have contributed greatly to the formation of this nation."

-Enrique Sandoval, BH365

For decades and even centuries, teachers have been encouraged to tell a pretty lop-sided story. Although many educators have taken the initiative to be more inclusive in their delivery of history and social science instruction, there have been few mandates to do so. Educators and decision-makers within our system are also influenced by the lack of Black history curriculum and participate in the demise of historically forgotten communities. 

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